About Tony’s

About Tony’s


In the center of Amsterdam on the Jodenbreestraat, near the Waterlooplein and the Stopera, you will find Tony’s New York City Bagels. For more than 20 years Tony’s has been the place to enjoy classic New York style bagels. Read the latest newspaper while enjoying a delicious cup of freshly made coffee or be entertained by the hustle and bustle of the street.

Where all the hip instagramable places pop up like weeds through the city, we just stay ourselves. The only thing that matters to us is that you enjoy what we have to offer. Whether it’s our authentic bagels, fresh coffee, organic smoothies, fresh juices or homemade treats: only the best of the best is good enough for us.

Tony’s New York City bagels was the first to bring the true classic NY City style bagel to Amsterdam. The founder, a true New Yorker, brought the recipe for the bagels himself from NY City to Amsterdam, which to this day is still the recipe used for Tony’s bagels.

Take a look at our menu and drop by to experience all this yourself. See you soon!

The bagel process

The bagel process

The difference between a bagel and a sandwich is in the baking process. Bagels, in fact, are first briefly dipped in boiling water before being baked in the oven. This ensures the typical taste. In addition, making an authentic bagel takes about 20 hours. Nowadays, more and more bakeries are cheating on a bit,
by steaming bread dough in the shape of a bagel in the oven. This makes the bagels airy, but this is not how it should be. Real experts know that a bagel should be deliciously firm, just the way we serve them at Tony’s!

Step 1


“How do you actually get the hole in the bagel?”
– By rolling them by hand in a specific way!
The dough is actually rolled around the palm of the hand and then torn off. So there is shaping and portioning at the same time.




Step 2


After shaping, the bagels must first rise and cool overnight. Therefore, making a good bagel is also a long process.


Step 3


Dipping the bagels in boiling water gives the bagel its typical texture and “bite.” “Chewy” is what a bagel should be. In addition, the malt soaks into the bagel and adds color and shine when baked.




Step 4


The bagels are now sprinkled with poppy or sesame seeds, for example, if you wish, and then go into the oven.

This is how you get that delicious authentic NY City style bagel!



Tony’s coffee blend

Tony’s coffee blend

Did you know that we have our own carefully selected blend of beans from South America? These beans are roasted locally in Amsterdam-Noord.
Nice firm and creamy espresso. With hints of pure cocoa, hazelnut and spiciness of bay leaf and licorice. Small sweetness of caramel and a soft but long finish.
Deep round yet smooth coffee. Touch of sweetness from red fruits, but on the contrary, nice bitters of dark chocolate with hazelnut.